Our Objectives

  1. To provide qualitative training, and retraining, that will professionally empower, efficiently facilitate operational compliance with extant laws and to legally run these organisations for best results, that explicitly define professionalism of its practitioners;
  2. To collaborate with regulatory authorities for full compliance with extant laws as it affects Cooperatives and Social Enterprises, in eliminating and ameliorating its consequences;
  3. To empower Cooperatives and Social Enterprises by broadening the coverage base of Nigeria's Capital Market, through joint investments, in an all-inclusive participation that whittles down systemic shocks that are common will less diversified structures;
  4. To empower Cooperatives and Social Enterprises through the access to and use of financial market instruments for long term investments, especially in the dilution of costs of capital;
  5. To shield Cooperatives and Social Enterprises from the challenges of financing, by facilitating easier access to available and cheaper funding options, for the achievement of members' objectives and create, by novelty, where none exists;
  6. To increase the real and perceived/potential collective capabilities of individual members for enhanced group benefits;
  7. To generate and distribute, for vital decision making, a systematically designed and reliable database for industry use of all stakeholders for effective planning and organisation;
  8. To sponsor, support and pursue policies that will further deepen the receivable benefits of joint efforts, through conferences, seminars, workshops and other enlightenment activities for maximum impacts;
  9. To significantly reduce the rates of poverty and unemployment, and its ultimate impacts across Nigeria by deliberate actions of the Institute;
  10. To sponsor research efforts that will discover and identify areas where focus can be redirected for group preservation that substantially reduce, if not totally eliminate, the incidences of bad credits and business decisions of Cooperatives and social enterprises, thus curbing incidences of failures in ventures;
  11. To collaborate with other local, state, national and international agencies and organisations for the achievement of the objectives of the Institute;
  12. To foster industrial stability and social harmony for Cooperatives and Social Enterprises to thrive.