Becoming A Member

The Certified Institute of Cooperatives & Social Enterprise Management (CICOSEMA) membership is through either the ongoing Accelerated & Direct Membership Processes (up to 30th September, 2020) or subsequent Examinations (commencing from February, 2021), in the following cadres:

1. Professional (Junior Associate, Full Associate, Fellow and Incorporated Organisations), and

2. Non-Professional Persons/Organisations.
Incorporated Organisations: These include duly registered Cooperative Societies, Foundations, Voluntary Organisations, Charity Organisations, Clubs, Associations, Churches, Mosques, Cultural Groups and Other Not-For-Profit (NFP) establishments.
Non-Professional Persons/Organisations: These include unregistered organisations, individuals, artisans (Mechanics, Tailors, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Fashion Designers, Vulcanizers, Hair Dressers, etc.), etc. who are not covered by the list of incorporated organisations.


Find Below Important Information on When to Join Decision



JOIN NOW (IN 2019-2020)



Applicants go through an Evaluation Process.

Applicants go through Examinations.


Evaluation holds 14 times. So, applicants have the opportunity to try 14 times.

Examinations holds only twice in a year.


Applicants have the options of either a written or oral evaluation, or a combination of both options in any of the various levels.

Applicants have only one option of written examination.


First time candidates from Professional Level 1 (PL 1) can start and complete up to Professional Level 5 (PL 5) in 2019, by going through all the Evaluation Processes during this period.

Candidates starting from PL 1 can complete only a maximum of two levels in one year.


Evaluation Participation Fees 2020

Professional Level 1: N1,500

Professional Level 2: N1,800

Professional Level 3: N2,100

Professional Level 4: N2,400

Professional Level 5: N3,000

This is the cheapest ever by any professional body.

Examination Fee From 2021

PL 1 – N3,850

PL 2 – N4,550

PL 3 – N5,250

PL 4 – N7,000

PL 5 – N14,000


First set to become members of the noble Institute, have the greater chance of emerging the first set of Executives to operate at various levels (Local Government, State and Federal) and in various capacities (as Institute Officers and Representatives).

Those who join after 2020 will start as floor members and must be members for a minimum of one year before being eligible to contest for office. Seniority in professional practice is also permanently lost.