Very Interesting Positions

Posted Date: Saturday 12-Jan-2019
Deadline: 31st March, 2019

Interesting Positions in a Professional Institute:
1. Examination Questions Compilers
2. Examination Questions Moderators
3. Examination Assessors/Markers (with traveling option)
4. Subject Tutors
5. Senior Subject Tutors
6. Principal Subject Tutors
7. Chief Tutors
8. Examiners
9. Senior Examiners
10. Principal Examiners
11. Chief Examiners
12. Head, Examinations (this is a full time employment).

1. All applicants for Tutorship positions must be computer literate. The classes are online.
2. Applications must indicate positions being applied for.
3. Applicants interested in more than one position must submit separate applications for each of the positions.
4. All applicants must have personal and functional email addresses through which communication can be maintained.
5. These positions do not require applicants leaving their places of abode or resignation from current employment. On occasions where traveling is required, all such expenses shall be reimbursed.
6. Successful applicant shall be required to submit valid means of identification and current passport photograph.
7. Intending applicants who are given to plagiarism (copying other people's work...) need not apply as quality of work shall, on a continuing basis, be subjected to scrutiny.
8. Applicants must indicate subjects of interest.
9. All applications must be addressed and forwarded to:
The Director of Examinations,

Certified Institute of Cooperatives and Social Enterprise Management (CICOSEMA) via email:
10. The applicable subjects are:
Introduction to Cooperatives

Introduction to Social Enterprise & Innovation

Computer Awareness and Applications

Economics of Cooperatives

Financial Accounting of Not-For Profit Entities

Elements of Management

Introduction to Marketing

Composition and Communication Skills

Cost Accounting

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Principles and Practice of Cooperatives

Organising and Managing Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise Business Model

Cooperative Legislation

Business Mathematics           

Small Business Management

Microcredit Policies and Operating Institutions

Production and Materials Management

Practice of Entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Impact Assessment

Statistical and Quantitative Techniques

Corporate Finance and Strategy

Comparative Cooperatives

Cooperative Field Administration

Customer Relationship Management

Company and Contract Laws

Project Management

Management Accounting

Supply Chain Management

Leadership, Management and Stewardship in the 3rd Sector

Project Design and Grantsmanship

Cooperative Management

Inspection, Investigation and Report Writing

Professional Responsibility and Ethos

Economic Planning and Development

Marketing Management

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Business Policy & Strategy

Quality Assurance & Control

Education and Training

Professional Practice Risks and Indemnity

Marketing of Services

Peace Initiatives, Conflicts Management & Alternative Disputes Resolution

Strategic Management