Friday 21-Jun-2019 / 898

1. The Governing Council recognised the spirit and letters of the law establishing the Institute that it 
belongs to its members and all activities should benefit and be carried out in their interest.
2. It is appreciative of the desire of members to contribute to its development, especially at this very 
early and budding stage of the Institute’s formation.
3. It recognised the need of members to conduct themselves in a professional manner that promotes the 
good image and values of the Institute.
4. It is cognisant of the very close and approaching General Induction and agreed that, being the first 
major outing since the Federal Government's approval of The Institute, CICOSEMA should put 
forward the right foot for best results.
5. Setting up of the Induction, Awards & Associated Events Planning Committee to perfect the 
modalities for a world class outing for the Institute. The Committee shall, immediately upon its setting 
up, begin to send out information and receive the data of members to feature in the programme 
brochure, such as passport photographs, names and membership numbers.
6. Members are encouraged to come forward with their suggestions, business opportunities and ideas 
that can better the lot of all. Too much attention should not be paid to what the cost implications might 
be as several funding sources are already being identified for all programmes of the Institute.
7. A CICOSEMA Thrift and Credit Society is being seriously considered to provide some levels of 
comfort for members, especially whenever urgent need arises. The framework is currently being 
worked on and shall be released soon for inputs from members as a way of fine-tuning the details 
before full scale implementation.
8. CICOSEMA Training Institute Centers are to be set up across the 36 States of the Federal Republic 
of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, to run the various training programmes of the Institute. 
All such programmes shall be full tuition free for members while outsiders are required to pay 
before being allowed to participate. The Centers shall be managed by suitable members of the 
Institute, either on part-time or full-time basis, while its workforce shall also be drawn from within the 
proximate Institute’s membership. The Institute shall be fully responsible for funding all the 
Centers. Immediate commencement of the Scholarship Programme Package at these Centers and 
across public schools, for members’ benefits, has also been approved. The Training Manager shall take 
responsibility for this. Its budgetary implications shall be submitted for approval.
9. Update and expansion of the Institute’s Liaison offices and persons have become necessary for 
efficiency and should, therefore, be reviewed immediately. Telephone numbers should be included for 
ease of contact.
10. There is the imperative need for members to join our social media platforms in order to boost the 
public presence of the Institute. Members are enjoined to go to the bottom page of the Institute’s 
website, click on the links and make comments about their experiences. It is not enough to just join 
without comments. Please, speak and write well about your Institute! Your future lifeline might 
just be tied to this; don’t tinker with it!
11. Appointment of two CICOSEMA Ambassadors has been approved. They are Dr. Kolawole 
Ojo Omole, FCS and Mrs. Victoria Adebukunola Samuel, FCS. They have been selected from among 
the several applications received in this regard. The CICOSEMA Ambassadors shall receive their 
directives, from time to time, from Office of the President of Council on their tasks and 
responsibilities for and on behalf of the Institute.
12. Deadline for Payment of Induction Fees by members already assigned Membership 
Numbers: Council had very extensive deliberations, considering pleas through emails, text messages,
private visits and phone calls against implementation of consequences of not meeting the set deadline 
for payment of the induction fees.
While acknowledging those who heeded and complied by meeting the deadline, Council frowned 
seriously at the nonchalance of others; it was, however, reluctant to mete out punitive measures against 
the affected persons, who have acted unprofessionally. It observed that many had completed their 
seminar sessions as early as February-March-April, 2019, been assigned numbers, but have continued 
to shun all entreaties to pay for their induction. The reason remains in doubt!
While Council was averse to strike out the names and numbers of those who had disregarded its 
directives on the induction fee payment, it also took cognizance of the negative implications this 
decision would have on those who made the sacrifices and exercised the discipline to honour the 
Institute with their positive responses.
In view of the foregoing, Council approved the scholarship for one (1) Proficiency Certificate 
course, valued at N10,000, for every member who met the deadline. An additional course is also 
awarded to each of the eligible members for N5,000 only-this is, however, at the option of the 
members to take. These certificates shall also qualify for waivers in other programmes run across 
Nigeria by the CICOSEMA Training Institute. They shall also exercise the option to have such 
certificate issued by our partners, Western Ville University, San Diego, California-United States 
of America. So, benefits approved for these members are valued at N15,000. These benefits are 
13. Subsequently, trained applicants for membership are required to pay up for their induction within 
fourteen (14) days immediately after listing of such members’ names on the Successful Candidates’ 
list. After the 14 days, new rates shall apply in this order: 15-28 days – 20% above the applicable 
rate. After 28 days, the applicant shall be required to rejoin a fresh seminar class. No membership 
numbers shall be issued, henceforth, without payment for the induction.
It should be noted that where the response level is not encouraging, we shall be left with no 
alternative option than to push the induction date forward. It is hoped that this will not be 
14. Important: All successful members are encouraged to plan to attend the induction as this is good 
for the public image of the Institute and need to showcase ourselves to other funders who are still 
undecided and considering that whether it is worthwhile to invest in us. We all can make it happen!
Signed: Secretary to the Governing Council