Wednesday 01-Jan-2020 / 179


1.0 Introduction

1.1 I welcome you all into a new year and a new decade! Congratulations that we all made it. It is my prayer that we will all make it through, with all the best the year(s) offer(s). We shall not experience any evil!


1.2 This is a period that will shape the polity, in such manner that will position CICOSEMA Institute members in an uncommon stead for social influence, not only within the national space, but also at the international level. We are determined to congregate a collegiate of astute professionals that will mould the directions of state policies. We are undaunted and resolute about these!


1.3 I, sincerely and strongly, believe that 2019 has been a very good year, which availed us with setting the bricks for a strong foundation and a much better future. We have been able to kick-start an unequalled union of professionals, in ejusdem generis, that cut across disciplines, for efficient cross-fertilisation of ideologies and concepts, for the general good of humanity. Our members should be the first to draw and benefit from this fountain of unusual flows.


1.4 The welfare of members shall be the main focus of the Institute for this year.



2.0 Outline for 2020


2.1 Membership Drive & Rewards Scheme: The need for urgent commencement and implementation of objectives of the Institute cannot be overemphasised. Therefore, the cooperation and support of all members have become expedient. The membership base needs to be expanded so as to effectively deploy a good number to the tasks that lie ahead, in order to eliminate unemployment amongst our members.


To better achieve our target number of 10,000 members for 2020, we have come up with a very attractive and highly robust reward scheme that gives back to members who bring in others to join the Institute. The document shall be made available to members, on request. This will put substantial funds in the pockets of members who take advantage of this window, open for this year.



2.2 Professional Examinations: Once the window for the ongoing Accelerated and Direct Membership programme closes in the first quarter of the year, the Institute shall commence the pen-on-paper Professional Examinations, which shall be the only route through which membership of the Institute may be obtained. The alternative route shall be through a viva (an examination conducted by spoken communication), which shall be available to only top executives and senior citizens, and shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, through the Governing Council, on recommendation of the Registrar/Chief Executive of the Institute.


2.3 Membership Continuing Professional Education (MCPE): The MCPE, which has been designed to further sharpen the skills and update members on latest developments within and outside the sector, is not optional for professional members, who shall attend, at least once, annually. It shall be organized four times in a year to give flexible room for members' participation. Annual Professional Credit Points (PCP) are awarded to continue to hold the Institute’s certificate.


2.4 CICOSEMA Professional Consultancy Practice License (PCPL): In line with the need to provide training to both prospects and members of the Institute, especially those preparing for the professional examinations, the MCPE in 2.3 above, the planned skills acquisition programmes and the collaboration with government agencies in carrying out objectives of the Institute, among others, the Institute shall be issuing the Practice License to members who shall be our internal resource persons, and shall be paid professional fees and honorarium for their services. This license shall be renewable on an annual basis, details of which shall be made available on request.


2.5 Inductions for 2020: The inaugural induction of the Institute was held in Osogbo, Osun State on 24th October, 2019 and was, no doubt, a huge success. It was a vantage opportunity to physically meet several of our members who significantly contributed to the successes achieved in that year. I hereby seize this opportunity to personally thank all of you for your selfless services to the Institute, ex gratia, which many doubted but you chose to believe and stood by, in the face of all odds, including abuses, discouragements and attacks. Despite all the inconveniences, you braced it all through to make my dreams come true. You are closer than blood brothers and sisters. You shall all reap the fruits of your labour of love. I love you all, and from the depth of my heart, I am saying: Thank you!


As you are already aware, first of the two inductions for this year will be holding on 18th April, 2020, at Crystal Palace Hotel, No. 29, Port Harcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Garki, Abuja while venue for the other shall be determined by the State with the highest number of inductees. By this, the Abuja Chapter is being challenged to sufficiently justify bringing the April induction, already ceded, to their territory.


Recognition Awards shall be given as from the next induction for the contributions by those deserving and shall continue to form part of our programmes as the need arises.


2.6 Use of the Institute Website’s Membership Portal: The website of the Institute has interactive capabilities which have yet to be put into full use. Therefore, all members are enjoined to get familiar with how to put their membership portals to use because it will be unprofessional to be discussing issues of the Institute on the social media, which is prone to viewing by strangers, exposure to outsiders and meddlesome interlopers. Please, contact the Office of the Registrar for guidance on efficient use of this superior platform.


2.7 Ideas/Suggestions: We are very much interested in the contributions of members towards promoting and developing our Institute. Ideas and suggestions are, therefore, welcome on how to better achieve our set objectives. Members should not shy away from taking the Institute to the heights where they have contacts and where things matter in the society. The Institute shall surely recognise such and reward same accordingly.


2.8 Special Projects: This year, the Institute has purposed to acquire a bus for the purpose of ease of mobility of personnel and materials, especially, to locations where activities and events demand such. It is expected that this will substantially cut back on the enormous costs associated with the present situation. We shall feel honoured to receive donations in this wise, while donation of the bus by or through a member, or group of members will be dearly appreciated.


2.9 Contract/Project Financing: The Institute intends to provide financial support to all very active members of the Institute who require such for the purpose of moving their businesses forward. This is to ensure that opportunities are not lost due to lack of funds. Note, however, that all requests shall be subject to due diligence, terms and conditions. Where members also have contacts for business prospects, they should not hesitate to contact the Institute to pursue such for the benefit of all; such persons shall also be handsomely rewarded for positively taking advantage of their contacts.


2.10 Scholarship Programmes: The scholarship programmes of the Institute shall be continued and expanded in the new year. We are glad to announce that all scholarship awardees who have satisfactorily met all conditions attached to the programme for the 2019/2020 academic session have been paid in full. Others who are yet to fully meet the conditions, or convince of their eligibility, are still in process and shall receive their payment alerts once the processes are concluded. Those who were successful in the proficiency certification scholarship awards have also been issued their certificates.


2.11 Welfare Programmes: This year, we want to both train and put money in the pockets of our members. This is one Institute with a diffence as opposed to others who only wait for the turn of the year to collect annual subscriptions. We shall be different because we shall justify your continuing membership of this august body by the kinds of benefits that shall be coming to you. Just remain within reach! Skills acquisition, Cooperative Savings and Loans Scheme (Online & Physical), Project/Business financing, Employment creation/opportunities, Investment bonuses, Health insurance and many more are being worked out and shall be delivered for the benefit of our members.


2.12 Institute Structures: This new year shall witness the tinkering with our National structure and establishment of both the States and Local government structures, including appointment of officers. Once the membership of the Institute in a particular area is up to 20, its Executive shall be inaugurated by the National Secretariat. The Institute shall consequently be responsible for their logistic expenses, especially transportation, feeding and accommodation to attend our programmes anywhere across the world.


2.13 International Affiliations: We have resolved to take the Institute to the international arena this year for recognition. This shall start very early and run through the year. It is a known fact that the preference of the country and her citizens for foreign things is not in doubt, even when ours is superior! To satisfy this high taste and make those in authority take us very seriously, we are determined to do the needful, with lots of reservations, especially for the cost implications. But, do we really have a choice, when the mindset is already coloured? It just might be the price that we have to pay, albeit, with lots of regrets. We shall, however, seize the opportunities offered by the foreign trips to attract external funding for the Institute and emancipation of the generality of our people. It shall not be a jamboree!


2.14 Annual Reports & Accounts: As applicable to the accounting period, the reports and accounts shall be made available within the first quarter of this year to members, as required by law.


3.0 Conclusion


I look forward to your unflinching cooperation, support and covet your prayers for a successful and rewarding 2020.

Thank you all and I wish you a happy new year.


God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria! God bless CICOSEMA Institute!! God bless you all!!!


Prof. Kehinde O. Olusegun, FCS

President, CICOSEMA Institute